The wonderful Irish weather, if it’s on our side, can be glorious in summer (but don’t come without a rain jacket!). We promote sport at Camp Gullion not just for the joy of participating but for the never-ending opportunities it gives for language use and leadership. The four main sports on offer, weather dependent, are;


Our camp and village is at the foot of Slieve Gullion, one of the most famous mountains in Ireland, with a 6000-year-old passage grave at the summit, a lake that turns young people old overnight and thousands of years of myths and legends to entertain any visitor. We hike up Slieve Gullion at least once during the camp!


The national sporting organisation of Ireland, founded in 1884, with clubs all over Ireland and with many clubs in the US, UK, Australia and even one in Barcelona. Gaelic football, hurling and camogie are very popular sports in our village and we teach them as a core part of the sports programme in Camp Gullion. We also celebrated last year as Cataluyna beat Ireland in our Gaelic football end of camp final!


Indoors always, given the joys of the Irish weather even in summer, we have the option of traveling to our nearest town and going swimming several times during the camp.


Popular in both Cataluyna and Ireland we are proud to offer basketball as one of our key sports at the camp.


A sport that needs no introduction, the most influential sport in the world and we are lucky enough to call Barcelona Football Club our local club!