Every language a young person speaks is a passport to a different world. Leadership is the skill that gives a young person the confidence and courage to travel to that different world. We have designed our Leader Lab programme to teach four key concepts:



A skill that is in great demand not only in the future careers our children will have but also now, as they progress through their education and make the choices that will dictate their future. Our Leadership workshop helps our students to understand the importance of being a leader, how to be one and how to confidently take charge of any situation they find themselves in.



Knowing who you are, what matters to you, what your values are, how to ask yourself the right questions and to understand your own answers. These are concepts that may adults struggle with, but we believe that the younger people connect with who they are the more confident they become in themselves and in their abilities to navigate life and the world.



Children can often lose their innate sense of creativity as they progress through the education system, as they face the pressure of exams and the need to perform well in their subjects. Creativity however is one of the most prized assets for any business leader, entrepreneur or employee. Drama and movie making form the basis of learning to be creative at Camp Gulion!

Communications skills


The most important skill that any successful leader has is the ability to communicate; to voice their opinion, to speak in public, to know how to actively listen, to empathise with others. A skill that is unfortunately overlooked, and often ignored, in our school systems and one of the core principles of Camp Gullion!