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Camp Gullion began in spring 2015 when 20 primary school children from Barcelona came to Mullaghbawn for a five day visit to our village and to spend time in St Mary’s School. The children joined in the daily life of the school, learnt about the history and culture of the area, practised their English with native speakers their own age and made friendships that have lasted ever since!

Our Spring Camp has run every year since, with another group of 20 coming in May 2019 from the Ramon Llull School in Barcelona. The two schools have been working together on an incredible project called “Learning Junts” that has brought the children from both schools on a year-long learning adventure, leading up to the school visit in May where they can meet each other for the first time

Based on the success of the Spring Camp we decided in July 2018 to run our first ever two-week Summer Camp, the first ever summer camp to bring international children to the area. The children who travelled from Barcelona, from final year primary and first year secondary school, spent two fantastic weeks living, learning and laughing with the local children from Mullaghbawn.

This year, in July 2019, we are going to do it all over again!!!

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Communications skills

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For many young children and adolescents learning a new language can be a long, slow, difficult and boring process. Endless classes, grammar points, vocabulary lists, exams and pressure from parents and teachers can take all the fun and joy out of language learning.

Camp Gullion has been designed to bring two groups of children, from Barcelona and Ireland, with one language in common and put them together in a two-week camp based on self-discovery. The children who attend our camp will, together, work on our Leader Lab programme and enjoy our Sports programme. In groups mixed both in ages and nationalities the children learn from, with and about each other.

Camp Gullion’s guiding philosophy is that children, given autonomy to work, play and learn together will communicate easily regardless of language barriers. Learning through Friendship is not only our motto, it’s the only way to describe our camp!

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The wonderful Irish weather, if it’s on our side, can be glorious in summer (but don’t come without a rain jacket!). We promote sport at Camp Gullion not just for the joy of participating but for the never-ending opportunities it gives for language use and leadership. The four main sports on offer, weather dependent, are;

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Mullaghbawn is a beautiful, small village nestled in the very heart of the Ring of Gullion, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The village is a wonderfully safe, rural environment with a population of just five hundred people but home to the Cuchulainn GAA club, the Traditional Arts Partnership music group, the ROGHA art group, Ti Chulainn cultural centre, Bluebell Lane Glamping and with a wealth of history, culture and music to explore.

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“A beautiful, welcoming place that we have visited as a school on three different occasions. Mullaghbawn is a very special place for us!” Anna Ferrer, director, Ramon Llull School”

“Taking children here as a teacher was a joy, the hospitality we received from the local children and families made it an incredible trip for everyone” Jenni Walford, teacher, GET”

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